What financial clients have to say...

“Presentation was engaging, funny, and filled with interesting research!”

“First rate. He knows a tremendous amount about his topic -- not based on anecdotal experience like the rest of us -- but based on academic research. Very impressive.”

 “Michael was engaging, professional and passionate about satisfaction in retirement. Time well spent for me. Thank you.”

“Most relevant retirement perspective - very real and useful”

“Dr. Finke's presentation was outstanding with useful data.”

What industry professionals have to say...

​​​Here are just a few of the hundreds of presentations Michael has given:

  • Northwestern Mutual Annual Meeting Main Stage
  • New York Life Annual Meeting and Forum
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Engage
  • Financial Planning Association

Michael is a nationally recognized speaker

Having spent years studying and conducting research, Michael shares with both clients and advisors the science behind the 3 cornerstones of retiring happy: retirement investing, income planning and life planning.  

"Dr. Michael Finke has been a guest speaker to our clients and advisors on health and happiness in retirement and creating a plan for aging.  He is invited back year after year because he consistently provides an engaging and informative value to our clients and our advisors."

Carolyn Gust, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Wharton Pension Research Council
  • MIT Center for Finance and Policy
  • Northwestern Mutual Forum Meeting

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Professor and Expert in Retirement Investing, Income Planning and Life Satisfaction