Michael is a nationally recognized speaker

Having spent years studying and conducting research, Michael shares with both clients and advisors the science behind the 3 cornerstones of retiring happy: retirement investing, income planning and life planning.  

"Dr. Michael Finke has been a guest speaker to our clients and advisors on health and happiness in retirement and creating a plan for aging.  He is invited back year after year because he consistently provides an engaging and informative value to our clients and our advisors."

Carolyn Gust, Chief Marketing Officer

Interested in scheduling Michael Finke to speak to your audience at a conference or a private event? Email Michael.Finke@theamericancollege.edu

​​​Here are just a few of the hundreds of presentations Michael has given:

  • Northwestern Mutual Annual Meeting Main Stage
  • New York Life Annual Meeting and Forum
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Engage
  • Financial Planning Association

  • Wharton Pension Research Council
  • MIT Center for Finance and Policy
  • Northwestern Mutual Forum Meeting

What industry professionals have to say...

What financial clients have to say...

Professor and Expert in Retirement Investing, Income Planning and Life Satisfaction


“Presentation was engaging, funny, and filled with interesting research!”

“First rate. He knows a tremendous amount about his topic -- not based on anecdotal experience like the rest of us -- but based on academic research. Very impressive.”

 “Michael was engaging, professional and passionate about satisfaction in retirement. Time well spent for me. Thank you.”

“Most relevant retirement perspective - very real and useful”

“Dr. Finke's presentation was outstanding with useful data.”