Keynote addresses

Speaking at regional events, Michael helps advisors keep up to date with the research. 


Developing effective, research-based retirement solutions.


We evaluate your call center on 98 best practices and recommend improvements.


Client Events

Help your clients understand the current financial industry research with an event. 


Evaluating retirement strategies through quantitative analyses

“Dr. Michael Finke’s cutting-edge research is extremely timely as we see the first generation of retirees retiring largely without pension plans.  The challenges and risks associated with retiring in this day and age makes his research invaluable." Scott SparksFounder & CEO, Sparks Financial

advisor events

Can we talk about NM and NYL events here or leave it out?

RESEARCH PRODUCTS, Speaking Services & Consulting projects 

Analysis & Strategy

Skilled with a variety of types of statistical analysis. 

"Dr. Michael Finke has been a guest speaker to our clients and advisors on health and happiness in retirement and creating a plan for aging.  He is invited back year after year because he consistently provides an engaging and informative value to our clients and our advisors."

Carolyn Gust, Chief Marketing Officer

Award winning Researcher and Wealth Management Expert